Friday, April 29, 2005

Start a magazine (article guide)

-The spot every man secretly wants to be touched
-The one trick that will have her begging for more, every time
-Coverage of trend that’s either over or never existed in the first place—i.e. leg warmers redux, stun guns being used by self-medicating shock therapists
-How to shave correctly
-Results of survey on what percentage of Americans believe in U.F.O.’s and/or God
-Column on the vicissitudes of pubic hair fashion
-In-depth examination of power-politics at the top of Disney or other Hollywood studio
-Declaration of next “it” girl/Pictorial and profile of current “it” girl/Tragic story of former “it” girl
-Which moisturizer is best?
-The Death of Something (The Novel, Film, Monogamy, Childhood, Hip-Hop, Heterosexuality, Faith, The Circus, Irony, Penmanship, College Basketball, Leisure, etc.)
-Health report on mineral you’re not getting enough of, along with sobering news that you’ll need to eat 17 servings of mung beans a week to correct the deficiency