Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vacation funds

Resort layout learning curve.
What I need is a time machine to go back and apply sunscreen when it could've really helped. Like Florida, 1985.
I love those groups of casual dudes, with nice bodies, just starting out in finance.
These pushups are the hum of the vanity engine.
On deckchairs, reading literary fiction.
So bright it's dark, so hot it's cold.
I'm literally 135 soaking wet.
Reunion truism: Everybody looks just like everybody.
I'm holding out until the 'let them cry' school of parenting comes back into vogue.
According to the tv on the back of the plane seat, 200 human babies are born every minute. Which means 288,000 a day. Which means nothing.

So you'll get a new favorite hat...