Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Having more leads to wanting more: Be glad you're not famous

o If you’re never it, you can never become a has-been.
o Because you’re not often quoted, your quotes are less likely to be taken out of context.
o Public transportation and coach class are the best places to learn about humanity.
o The famous can’t dream of becoming famous.
o Nobody indulges the famous when they say they’re depressed or unfulfilled.
o Having more only leads to wanting more.
o Life and opinions aren’t dangerously overvalued.
o As cameras become omnipresent, the truly evolved know how to avoid them.
o The pharmacist doesn’t take special note of your prescription, and doctor-patient confidentiality is more likely to be upheld.
o It’s a lot of pressure being a role model, and a lot of work persuading people that you never set out to be a role model.
o Your alma mater doesn’t expect much from you.
o Living on through fame isn’t really living. It’s dying. Just like everybody else.