Friday, March 04, 2005

Poem: Prince of the Park Bench

Prince of the park bench, still
Survey the town's ginch-will
This lead to anything?
Is it responsible?
These are not questions now.

My tone's polyphonic,
Take on shit ironic,
Got no time
For interior rhyme,
Look for me
At the end of the line
I like girls
Who study signs-
Semiotic chicks
Not fixed.

Listen: money can't be saved.
I'm not even sure
What it is we're supposed
To brag about these days-
Is dick size still a big one?
I've got a big one
I've got a voucher
You can call her.

Spontaneity is not sincerity-
I dwell
Half in possibility
Half in actuality
Half in foolish jealousy
Half in whatever's on TV-
Still not complete,
Never be-
Everything is therapy.