Saturday, March 12, 2005

Where does this stuff go when we delete it? Questions

-If we hadn’t opened any of our toys, how much would they be worth?
-What if, upon dying, you’re handed a transcript of everything you’ve ever said? And you had to give a reading?
-What if our names are already carved on grains of rice?
-Did I see you at the gym?
-Were you wearing different glasses?
-As it is recommended to eat before going to the grocery store to avoid overbuying, does it follow what one should masturbate before going to the pornography shop?
-Is it bad to make fun of accents?
-Have you been outside yet?
-If you’re not supposed to worry about what other people think, what are you supposed to worry about?
-Would a catalog of every receipt you've ever gotten make a satisfying biography?
-In a series of close-ups of the genitalia of your former lovers, would you be able to tell whose is whose?
-Did you get my message?